How I Earned $43,685.22 In 36 Days With Automated Trading! [Earnings Proof Below]

Would You Like To Know How To Make Money Online Without Having To Sell Or Promote Anything?, Welcome To The Right Place!

Update July 5, 2016: Another great month and I couldn’t ask for anything else! As of now I’m using NesDek with mind blowing results. The bad new is that GoldDigger doesn’t work anymore, but I used it for over 8 months and was able to make a massive amount of money and that is the thing with these type of software (at least the ones that do work), only work for a 3-4 months before the brokers find a way to make them obsolete. The good news is that I’ve decided to create a list which I will update on a monthly basis with software that do work. You can see my current list Here

Last Withdrawal April 15th:

Trades Capital is the broker connected to my account.

I’ve made $41,140.22 more  since my last updated back in March + a withdrawal for $2k just to make sure they were legit and actually paying. This comes to $1,198 per day. Again, best advice I can give you is to build your balance as high as possible and never withdraw all at once, better to withdraw $5k here and there, than withdrawing everything at once and then having to start from scratch.

Update March 12, 2016: I just want to let you know that GoldDigger still working perfectly fine, and also I found another binary options trading software that has made me over $2,500+ in just 2 week! Software is pretty easy to learn & use, and on top of that they will give you $50 to start! Check it out Here

Note: They will put $50 on your account completely free. If you don’t make money with this software is because you don’t want to. If you don’t understand how to use the software watch the video tutorial on the main site.

Last GoldDigger/Binarybook Withdrawal

My last withdrawal.
My last withdrawal.


Hello, how are you?

If you are in this blog is because you are searching on Google for how to earn money online or maybe you saw my binary options video on YouTube. Just like you, I’ve have lost a huge amount of time and money looking for how to earn money online; cash for surveys, clickbank, selling on eBay, and the list goes on and on. Not counting the endless amount of money and products that I bought thinking they were “the key to success!

Think about it for a second, if you had a method that helps you earn more than $3,000 each month, would you sell it for $30-50?, that doesn’t make any sense! and that is why those making money online info products don’t work.  I assure you that once you finish reading this blog you won’t need to keep on searching or buy another info product in your entire life . You might be thinking that trading binary options is risky and in fact it is. I lost over $600 with the “60 seconds strategy“, which by the way is the most stupid thing that I ever did as that is just pure gambling.

But making money online with binary options is more than possible as long as you have the proper knowledge and tools. If you saw my video you can see that I’ve made a good amount of money online trading binary options with a software called GoldDigger. I’ve attached some images below in case you haven’t see the video:

Note: This post is a bit long therefore I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and reading it when you are in a comfortable place &  in a relax state of mind.

 BinaryBook Account

Como ganar dinero por Internet binarybook
BinaryBook is the binary options broker that I’ve link with GoldDigger

 GoldDigger [This Software Is Not Longer Working]

Como ganar dinero por Internet GoldDigger
GoldDigger is link to my BinaryBook account, that is why it shows that same balance that I have in the broker account.

Withdrawals made out to date November 4, 2015

Opciones Binarias Retiros

withdrawals made to my bank account for a total of  $24,146.72

As I already mentioned before I knew about GoldDigger and other binary options trading software which make the trades for us, I had try several binary options strategies which resulted in lost. I found out about GoldDigger by my older brother who works as IT for a finance and credit repair company.

A coworker talked to him about GoldDigger and as my brother knows that I’m always looking for how to make money online he pass the info to me. All binary options brokers need a minimum deposit initial that varies depending on the broker, BinaryBook’s minimum $250, I deposited $267. I registered in GoldDigger and deposited in BinaryBook in September 17, 2015 and started to trade the next day.

The first days I was averaging $75-100 since my balance wasn’t the high. That is why I recommend building your balance up to $5,000-7,500+ before making the first withdrawal. Lets see how much I’ve made so far:

Balance in BinaryBook: $17,857.85

Withdrawals: $24,146.72 + $17,857.85 = $42,004.57

First Deposit: $42,004.57$267

Total: $41,737.57 Divide by 36 days = $1,159.38/Daily

As you can see it is an impressive amount of money in a month and best of all is that it is automatic and that GoldDigger is free and, allow me to explained myself. Unlike other binary options trading software which cost a lot of money, GoldDigger programmers let us use their software without paying anything, and they receive a small % of every successful trade made by GoldDigger.

It is a situation in which all win since otherwise a program like the GoldDigger would cost more than $1,000. Now I’ll show you the steps to start using GoldDigger and to start making money online with automated trading.

What You Will Need:

  1. PC or Mobile with internet access
  2. Minimum deposit of $200-300 (this varies based on the broker you choose.)
  3. Connected broker account to a working trading software. This is done automatically.

1) Choose Binary Options Trading Software

Choose whichever software you would like to use first. What I recommend is starting out with any of the software and when you build a high balance between $3,500-$7,500+ start to use the other software. This way you will have 2 binary options trading softwares making you a good amount of money each month.

List of  Working Binary Softwares Here

Note: For those asking which of the softwares to use it’s up to you as they all work. Remember to start small, use only one software at first and whenever you build your balance to $5-10k start using a second software to further increase your daily/monthly earnings.

2) How To Register In GoldDigger & Other Software

On GoldDigger’s site click on the button that says “Join Us Now

trading software binary options

Now you have to choose one of the brokers from the list and fill the form up. Make sure to use the correct information otherwise at the moment of withdrawing it will be a pain in the ass if your information doesn’t match.

how to make money online
Brokers change depending country of residency.

Note: Once inside GoldDigger you will have the option to add more brokers.

The next thing you will see is GoldDigger’s activation page.

How to make money online golddigger activation page
Press the button and you will be send to the broker’s deposit page.

You can make deposits using a debit/credit card.

How to make money online deposit
There will be a message letting you know the minimum of the broker if you try to deposit less than the minimum. In this case the minimum is $350. The minimum changes based to the broker.

When you decided which how much you would like to start, finish making your deposit.

how to make money online depositing

After making your deposit, you will get an email from GoldDigger and you will be able to access your account.

Como ganar dinero por Internet Members area
After making your deposit you will get a link with details on how to enter GoldDigger’s trading platform.
Como ganar dinero por Internet GoldDigger Dashboard
Balance will reflect the balance the you have in the broker.

Using GoldDigger  is pretty easy, they both have video tutorials which you can watch whenever you want. I won’t make a step by step on how to sign up on the other software as it’s pretty simple and very similar to GoldDigger’s.

GoldDigger’s Video Tutorial

What You Should Know About GoldDigger

Gold Bar = $40     Silver Bar = $30     Coin = $25

You can only use one type at the time. If you want the software to use $125 to trade then you need to select 5 coins. If you want $120 then it will be 4 Gold Bars, and so on. The software only show you signals which have a percentage of winning higher than 94%.

Bare in mind that you can only trade in options which are in your broker. That is why GoldDigger allow us to add multiple brokers to the software, but before doing that I recommend building up a high balance in the first broker.

Last Words

I’m sure that I explained everything as best as I could. If you have any questions of concerns please do let me know in the comments or via the contact form on the contact’s page. Whenever I find another binary options trading software like GoldDigger, I will make another update. I really hope that this blog help you make a great amount of money.

I know that this won’t make you rich overnight, but it has the potential to make much more money than any full-time job. I recommend reading books about finance and investment and thus extending your knowledge to have a life pleasant and comfortable life, and be able to manage your money in a better way. Greetings and God bless you all! :)


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  1. Interested in your programme

    1. Author

      Hello Putri,

      How can I help you? :)

  2. Thank you found your site 3 days ago, Wednesday 1st, and already have $2,325 this shit is crazy! I cant believe it actually works, I cant tell you how many times I lost money trying different software for online poker and casinos, and even some forex robots too that didnt work for shit, thank you so much man

    1. Author

      I love to see results like this! And yes I know and understand the struggle of searching and try different money making system, software, and useless products that doesn’t work. People are afraid to try new things because of how many times they have failed and been trick before, but sooner or later we need to know that if we don’t risk we won’t be able to move forward in life. I have to admit the sale letter for these software look fishy as fuck, but as long as they work I don’t care what claim they make.

      Even though they claim $1,200 per day etc, to make that you will have to run the software for at least 7-8 hours. But with 2-3 hours you could easily earn $250+ each day. That is better than any full time job for sure! I still have my day job, what I do now is work less. I leave as soon as I finish my work for the day, and also request more day off, even if I don’t get paid for it. Because at the end we always need a plan B, and even a C, and D.

      And this is for everyone visiting this my blog. DO NOT WASTE ALL YOUR EARNINGS! The money you make using these software save at least 25% in a saving account, but do not use it for anything. At the end of the day if you decide to make money with this it is going to be money that you wasn’t expecting. Do not go crazy and start buying fucking expensive cars and gadgets that you don’t need. Hell I’ve make almost $100k this year along and I still drive a 2012 Honda Hybrid, why? Because I don’t need a fucking BMW or Mercedes that is why. And I’m pretty sure you don’t either, you think you do, but you don’t! =)

      Stay blessed and happy weekend for all!

      Ps: Don’t drink too much =)

  3. Thank you mate cloudtrader is working for me. I will follow your instructions and start using a second software after withdrawing a nice sum of money

    1. Author

      Glad to heard! Please keep me update =)

  4. thank you it really does work, i’m using cloud and already have $600+ within a few hours

  5. Francis, I saw your video on youtube, I know that you said all software work, but if you had to put them on a list from best to worse, which would you put first and why? I’m ready to start just dont know which one to pick first.

    1. Author

      Oh man lol, were in the case MFOP because their fast support and how easy is to get started with the software. Even though gold has made me a huge amount of money their support team sucks major balls, and lately it’s making more loss trades than before, so there is my answer. Bare in mind that these softwares tend to stop working few months in as brokers update their platforms and leave the software obsolete. I’ve been using Gold for over 6 months now, so fair for it to stop working now whenever it does.

      So my advice is to take action while you still can, even if its only to make a few extra thousands. At the end of the day every cent does help and even more when it’s an extra $1k, Good Luck!

  6. thanks bro am using mfop and the results are just insane! 3200 so far only trading few hours each day, im following your advice and building my balance before withdrawing

    1. Author

      Hey buddy glad to heard! Keep me update on your progress!

  7. Francis I used MFOP for a week and made a withdrawal for $2k to see if this thing really work, made the withdrawal on Friday and had it on my account by today, Tuesday. Thank you! you dont know how much I needed this money, may God bless you!

    1. Author

      Amen Steve! Thank you for coming back and let me know your results, hope that you make even more, be sure to check CloudTrader, shared on my lastest update, the thing is making people money pretty fast =)

  8. is it necessary to send a scanned copy of your id and credit card;[showing only 4 numbers ] FOR VERIFICATION?

    1. Author

      Yes, otherwise how are they going to be able to verify that you are not using a fake ID?

  9. Author

    hey man this is insane already made $100 with tradefusion in less than an hour, thanks dude

    1. Author

      Glad to hear! Hope you make way more than that!

      Good luck!

  10. Author

    interesting, first time that I see this type of software, I will try it within a few days and really hope that it works as good as you say. within a few days I will post my results.

    1. Author


      Let me know how it goes and if you have any question just ask.


  11. Author

    Hi Micaela,

    After you withdraw more than $2,000 they will ask for verification. You just need to send a pic of any ID; Driver license, passport etc.

    Good luck!

  12. Author

    Hi! I have one question, do they ask for verification to withdraw the money?

  13. Author

    Hi Francis,

    thank you so much, thanks to you i’ve made so much money for the past 3 months without any problem. here is a pic that i post in my facebook

    1. Author

      Hey Jenneh,

      wow I love to see results like this! If you dont mind me asking which how much did you start and how much have you made since?


      1. Author

        the broker is morton finance and I started with the minimum of $300. I’ve withdraw $7,500+ and what i show is the picture is my current balance in the broker. I started with golddigger and start using tradefusion last month after seeing your update.

        1. Author

          That is wonderful Jenneh! I hope that you make so much more =)

  14. Author

    how long does it take to withdraw?

    1. Author


      2-3 depending on your bank and also whether you request the withdrawal during weekend or holiday as most banks do not work Sunday etc.


  15. Author

    hello, passing by to tell you that I made 355€ in less than 2 hours using tradefusion. thanks for sharing this information with us.

  16. Author

    Bro a million thanks! I’m from Dominican Republic and you dont know how much I needed an additional income, to be honest at first I had a million doubts if this was going to work or not, but after making the first $100 I knew this shit was working real good lol, thank you very much and may God bless you!

    1. Author

      Hola Anderson,

      I’m Dominican too! Glad to see people from my country visiting my blog! =)

  17. Author

    This seems easy and very tempting. Please anyone who has tried it tell me if it works.

  18. Author

    Hi I have a question. I’ve been reading a lot about binary options and they are risky but software like this make everything easier. I try signing up with Golddigger and it said “We are not accepting traders from your region.” what does that mean?, I was able to sign up with Tradefusion, but just want to know why Gold didnt let me. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Rick,

      Some brokers do not allow USA residents. As both software uses different brokers maybe that is why you was able to sign up using TradeFusion but wasnt able with GoldDigger. Let me know how it goes!

  19. Author

    hi Francis am about to sign up with tradefusion. really hope this works as i really need the money. regards.

    1. Author

      Hey Sergio!

      Please do let me know your results.

  20. Author

    Francis I will do it with $260. Will let you know how it goes!

    1. Author

      Hi again! my current balance is $1,337 I’m so happy! Right now I’m using TradeFusion as soon as I reach $3,500 I will withdraw $1k and start using GoldDigger, this way I will have both software running and making me money. Thank you so much Francis!

      1. Author

        Hey Lorena!

        That is in fact a great plan! Hope that you keep on making good money! =)

        Good Luck!

  21. Author

    finally something that fucking works! I’m $1,115 over my initial balance which was the minimum of $350, this will sound a little selfish on my part but you should shut down the site or at least instead of giving this information for free, sell it. I’m afraid that the brokers will realize this kind of programs exist and then it stop working , I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and dont get me wrong.

    1. Author

      I understand your point, but I don’t think that this will happen. All platforms run automatically and with these programs all seems natural since they simply estimate what trades have a higher % of winning.

      Also keep in mind that 95% of people who come to this blog will never put any of this in practice. Most people have fear of risk no matter if I upload hundreds of videos and images of proof, many people prefer to keep on living in the same financial situation rather than risk a bit for a better life.

  22. Author

    thanks for sharing this, I will give it a try and see how it goes. I saw a thread in Trade2Win’s forum the other day regarding something similar but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

  23. Author

    Francis just want to let you know it works! I’m using 10trade for the time being and decide to make $75 daily, sometimes I do a bit more but this way I feel safe lol, thank you

    1. Author

      Hey Jurgen,

      Glad to hear that this help! =)

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